Preparing coffee is an art which combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Here we answer some of the questions regarding the art of making coffee, revealing the knowledge and insights developed by the makers of Piazza D'Oro coffee over time.

Why do we also use Robusta beans in some of our coffee blends?

There are many quality levels of Arabica and Robusta beans. It is through the selection of the right coffees for the right blend that expertise is demonstrated.

Blending Robusta and Arabica, like blending different types of grapes when making wine, can deliver a wider range of taste profiles often superior in flavour and cup appearance.

How do we achieve taste consistency?

The green coffees used for Piazza D'Oro coffees are sourced from around the world and undergo stringent quality assurance processes including taste evaluations at each key stage from selection to arrival in our factory.

Flavour profiles of specific green coffees constantly vary due to changes in growing conditions from one year to another and to variations in freshness of the crop.

In order to deliver consistency of our coffees, blending is based on the cup taste of each type of green coffee as opposed to its origin.

Why are Piazza D'Oro espresso coffees roasted darker?

While beans are sourced from around the world, all Piazza D'Oro coffees are roasted in Kingsgrove NSW, Australia. Combining tradition and technology, great care is taken to achieve excellence in each key parameter of roasting.

Roasting time: Piazza D'Oro blends are roasted using longer roast times at lower temperatures to develop a smooth, rounded espresso taste. Fast roast times lead to higher acidity and more aggressive mouth feeling not suited for espresso.

Roast colour: Roast colours for Piazza D'Oro espresso coffees range from a medium-dark to dark in order to maximise flavour without unpleasant bitterness or acidity. Dark roasted coffees have a rich, caramelised flavour which is well suited to milk-based espresso drinks.

How do we guarantee freshness of Piazza D'Oro espresso coffees?

It is well known that coffee flavour and aroma can deteriorate over time due to contact with oxygen. However, less known is the fact that coffee beans just after roasting are too fresh for use in espresso coffee. A resting period is required to balance the humidity and different flavour components within the coffee bean.

To maximise flavour and aroma of Piazza D'Oro coffees at the time of use, our coffees are packed into multi-layer bags with a one-way valve. Before sealing, the 1kg bags are flushed with inert Nitrogen gas to further protect the coffees from the ageing impact of oxygen.

Piazza D'Oro espresso coffees are then kept in our warehouses for up to ten days before being released for sale to allow for the balancing of humidity and flavour components to take place.