When it comes to good coffee, practice makes perfect

We've gone to quite a lot of trouble to make sure we produce the perfect blend. To protect our brand equity and to ensure the best cup of coffee reaches your customer's table, we provide a training service for baristas.

Professional, high quality barista training is essential to maximise your business investment. After all, we can provide the greatest coffee in the world, but if your coffee is served at the wrong temperature, or is lacking in strength, then your customers are not going to enjoy the end result.

We work with The Barista Workshop to provide barista courses which are carefully structured to provide the essential information necessary for trainees to start their career in coffee.

We can train at your site or at The Barista Workshop training centre if you are in NSW, or at our state offices throughout the country. There are a range of training courses available from fundamental training to Latte Art.

Please visit thebaristaworkshop.com.au to check course availability.